5 Key Print Marketing Materials for New Businesses

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5 Key Print Marketing Materials for New Businesses

As an entrepreneur starting a new business, the world is your oyster. It’s an exhilarating time, even though there is an abundance of work to be done. Smart business owners can set themselves up for success by forming a series of checklists that will outline these countless tasks that are required to place your new business on the proper footing. One of these lists asks business owners, “what print marketing do I need for a new business?” Numerous new businesses are on a minimal budget in the beginning, and thus every decision is an important one. Furthermore, statistics show that consumers are more likely to shop with a business if it has professionally printed materials. This article is intended to give you the top 5 key print marketing materials you absolutely must-have.

Business Cards

You probably already thought that you need business cards, so this particular print marketing material is hardly a surprise, but here’s an important observation. New business creators often run out and have business cards created right away. Business cards are essential marketing materials for new businesses, but you need to slow down and ensure that you aren’t wasting money on business cards that you’ll end up throwing away and not using. Here’s the rub: ensure that you have solidified your company logo, company colors, and company fonts BEFORE you have your business cards printed. The reason being is that business cards, as well as all your marketing materials, should “match” or coordinate to give your new business a stable and robust identity from the beginning. If you have your business cards printed before making these critical marketing decisions, you’ll be throwing money away on business cards that don’t match your overall brand.


Brochures are also a natural go-to print marketing material for new businesses due to their flexibility. A few examples include: going to a client meeting and want to leave something behind? Brochure. Want to attend a trade show and need something memorable for attendees? Brochure. Have a random walk-in customer and want to send them away with something tangible? You guessed it, brochure. Brochures often take longer to create than business cards since you’ll need additional copy and graphics outside of your business information and logo. A bonus of creating a brochure is that it gives you other text you can also use to create a digital copy of the brochure to place on your website.

Postcard / Direct Mailers

When you first start a business, one of the most challenging aspects is getting the word out about your new venture. To this point, the mailbox is still a powerful advertising platform for new businesses (and existing businesses for that matter). When you’re first starting your new business having professional postcards created for direct mail offers numerous advantages such as the ability to heavily focus on target demographics and less competition. We outline several other benefits in the article “Driving brand loyalty through the mailbox.”

Stickers / Labels

Stickers? Yes, stickers! Firstly, stickers with your logo are not only cheap to print but are amazingly versatile: you can apply them to other types of print to immediately customize them, or you can give them directly to customers. Stickers can be placed anywhere from car bumpers to mirrors to filing cabinets, making them an excellent way to advertise your brand name. Decals with your new business logo can be placed on paper bags as giveaways, on the outside of shipping boxes, or even put on your company laptop to promote while you work at the coffee shop.

Letterhead / Envelope

When starting a new business, you want to do everything you can to enhance the legitimacy, prestige, and reputation of your business, and having a professional letterhead printed is an excellent way to do that. Your letterheads or envelopes may often be the first impression to potential customers and so having stationary printed will help create a professional and polished appearance. When printing letterheads and envelopes, new business owners often make the mistake of printing them off at the office. However, having your stationery printed professionally will ensure the finished product is crisp and clean.

Other Considerations for Your Specific Business

The most crucial marketing materials for your new business depend heavily on the type of business you start. For example, retail stores should focus on having printed signage created that can help inform customers and sell your products. Service-oriented businesses serving specific zip codes might consider door hangers, flyers, or rack cards to help promote the business.

Specialty Print Shop in Tennessee

When considering where to have your printing done, you have a few options. You could choose a chain copy and print shop, but these print shops will have limited options when it comes to paper, card stock, and finish. Additionally, you’ll need all your print materials designed and in the correct format before you arrive. With a specialty print shop like Acme Printing, not only do you receive exceptional customer service and specialty printing services such as offset printing, digital printing, and wide-format printing, you’ll also have access to expert graphic designers that can help bring your advertising ideas to life. When you choose a local specialty printing company, you’ll enjoy faster turnaround times, lower costs, and the ability to print smaller quantities.

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