Meet Acme Printing’s Owner, Mr. Paul Shands

Meet Acme Printing’s Owner, Mr. Paul Shands

Paul began his career in paper and print products after graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 1999. His first job was in Nashville with Courier Printing, a RR Donnelly company.  While with Courier, Paul began to fall in love with the world of print.  During this time, he was in a 3-year management training position that allowed him to learn all sides of the business including operations and sales.  He left Courier for a job in Atlanta, GA with the paper company Appleton Coated, working in sales and management.  His position with sales enabled him to visit printers across the east coast.  Over the course of his 15-year tenure with Appleton Coated, he witnessed how the paper and print industry was beginning to evolve with new techniques and equipment.  Paul moved back to Knoxville to join NewPage (now Verso) to work with larger National Account businesses.  Paul was fortunate that his previous jobs created a lot of opportunity to work with mentors in administrative and executive positions where he could soak up useful information about how print can help businesses succeed.  When Verso was bought out by a larger company, Paul began to work as the East Coast manager for Finch Paper allowing him to learn a lot about the uncoated print world.  All of this got him thinking and as a result awakened the entrepreneurial spirit he had always had.

Enter the opportunity with Acme.  Paul was drawn to Acme’s 50-year history.  That and the fact that the average employee tenure was 23 years, Paul knew this company would be the perfect fit for innovative printing.  September 17, 2015, Paul Shands became President of Acme Printing.  Since then, it has been the company’s goal to keep up with the evolving print industry.  There were 4 initial steps to the modernization of Acme.  First, Paul and team moved operations and accounting to cloud-based software.  Acme then added digital print equipment to be able to do smaller run sizes for less and have faster turnaround times.  Part three involved updating the offset press equipment for better efficiency leading to better prices for customers.  The final step was to enhance services offered by adding wide format printing and promotional product printing.  Paul is always excited and happy to educate customers on how they can use print to drive success for their businesses.

When he’s not working, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, their two children Kelci and Landon, and their yellow lab Millie.  When it’s warm outside, Paul and his family can be found having a great time in the sun boating with his family! Always interested in giving back to the community Paul was recently honored to be asked and enthusiastically agreed to become a board member on the Board of Directors for the Morristown Chamber of Commerce.

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