The Benefits of Tri-Fold Brochures

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The Benefits of Tri-Fold Brochures

In a world dominated by the Internet, many businesses are pushing printed marketing materials to the wayside in favor of embracing the move toward digital marketing. However, print marketing is still an effective means of marketing because printed materials can engage customers in ways that digital marketing cannot. The tri-fold brochure is a type of print marketing that stands out from the rest because of the great benefits it provides.

The Tangibility of Tri-Fold Brochures

Interactive, tangible marketing materials such as the tri-fold brochure have a much greater impact on the consumer than simple ads. Studies have shown that when a person can physically handle marketing materials, he or she is much more likely to remember the message being conveyed.  Additionally, because tri-fold brochures have multiple panels to open and flip through, your audience will spend more time looking at the material than they would looking at a different type of print or digital ad. The more time your audience spends looking at your message, the more likely they are to remember it and take action.

Easy Distribution

Brochures are easy to distribute to a large number of people. You can pass them out to your intended audience during meetings, at events, or even on the street to passersby. If you can get a brochure into someone’s hand, it is very likely they will look through it. People also have the habit of keeping brochures whether purposely or without realizing it. How many times have you found a brochure in your car or purse a few days or even weeks after receiving it? When people rediscover brochures, they often look through them again. This means your marketing message will be viewed by the same person more than once, and repetition is key to effectively communicating a message. It is also easy for people to keep tri-fold brochures for future reference because they fold up neatly and are so thin they can be stored anywhere.

Quantity of Information

Due to the nature of the tri-fold brochure, it is able to contain a great deal of content. Because brochures are meant to be handed out to people instead of being seen from a distance, much more information can be contained within them in the form of both text and images. Tri-fold brochures are printed on a single sheet of paper then folded into thirds to create distinct panels, which makes it easy to divide up information into sections and print multiple topics or selling points within a single printed material. This allows you to provide your audience with information about who you are, what you do, and the actions they should take.


The first step in conveying a message is to catch the audience’s attention. A well-designed brochure has the ability to grab the consumer’s attention and cause them want to know more about what you have to say. Tri-fold brochures can have appealing covers with interesting graphics and logos that inspire the consumer to pick up the brochure and look through it to discover the information it contains. You can find some tips on how to design an appealing brochure here.

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