Promotional Products that Customers Consider Most Useful

Promotional Products that Customers Consider Most Useful

Candy with a logo on it, a letter opener in a digital world, a one size fits all t-shirt? These items are not often useful to consumers and admittedly could be a bit silly. There is no one size fits all, and a letter opener is a bit of a relic. If, however, you are wanting to invest in promotional products to use at a trade show or to give away during presentations, we have done some research for you! The following information can guide in helping to make a useful investment on a product that your clients will actually use, that can lead to a sale down the road, and keep you away from spending money on items that will end up in the trash.

The Power of Promotional Item Impressions

Consumers remember promotional items they receive. In fact, 98% of people can recall for up to two years the exact company advertised on a pen, hat, or bag in their possession. Research shows that individuals who receive a promotional product are more than 50% likely to later engage in business with the company. As a business owner, knowing which products generate the most use and engagement can lead to appropriate spending on promotional items. The American Marketing Association, Promotional Products Association International (PAAI), and additional marketing agencies continually conduct research year after year to ensure that your time and money is well spent on items that promote your business. This information is helpful as you choose which product to design for your business.

Promotional Products Are Effective for Consumers

The promotional product industry generates over 21 billion dollars as reported by the PPAI and adding these products into your marketing mix increases brand effectiveness by 44%. Six in ten individuals keep products for up to two years with 53% of consumers using these at least once a week. Finally, it has been shown that 48% of consumers want to receive more promotional products from businesses.

With all these statistics in the favor of your business, what product should you create for your clients will depend upon the usefulness of your product and the message that you want to get out to your consumers. The uses for promotional items include brand recognition/awareness, corporate identity, public relations and goodwill, to generate sales and referrals, to motivate behaviors and create incentive programs, all while hoping to draw in new customers. These and other reasons are why businesses consider and use promotional products. Promotional products have a nearly 7 in 10 effective marketing goal reach, and consumers tend to recall the product they are given.  In fact, approximately 8 in 10 people remember the branding, messaging and even the call to action of the product. Currently, the last four major generational groups consider the promotional product to be the most effective form of advertising, while 81% of these individuals keep the promotional products for more than a year. Convinced? Now, what products should you consider branding for your consumers and potential clients?

What Promotional Product Should I Consider

When considering items for promotional use take time to invest in products that are useful to consumers, as well as those that will last. Certain categories of promotional items are purchased and used by consumers more frequently. For example, most people are smartphone users, therefore giving someone a power bank would be a useful item.  Personalized drink wear generates at least 53% of  usage in households in the United States, and customers who use these cups, mugs, and glasses tend to use them 2-3 times a week. Wearables, such as hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc., generate over 32% of sales in the promotional product category. Gender plays a role in what the type of promotional products, as well. Women are more often to carry customized tote bags, writing instruments, and calendars, whereas men will most often wear shirts and hats with logos imprinted on them. Logoed mugs are rumored to bring more effectiveness in advertising than radio and TV spots! Just recently, the searches for lanyards spiked across Google Search, making it one of the most searched promotional items.

Branding Promotional Items for Your Company in East Tennessee

When you sit down to consider the branding process of a promotional product, the process can be done quickly and easy. At Acme Printing, we work with you to create a promotional item that will best serve your business, charity, or team in a way that is above and beyond other promotional product vendors. We have thousands of products for you to choose from, so whether you need a cup, frisbee, or pen—we can help you make it happen. To start your order, visit our website or contact us online today!

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