Graphic Design from Start to Finish Series: Steps 4-6

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Graphic Design from Start to Finish Series: Steps 4-6

Recently we began a series of news topics on Graphic Design hacks for your business. Steps 1-3 were released a few weeks ago, and we’re excited to now be covering the next set. Hopefully, those tools were able to get you off the design floor and into creation mode by giving you help with planning, finding inspiration, and researching your audience for your brand’s design. Read on to find how to continue the design process with the next three steps!

Graphic Design Help for Your Business

Design skills can be learned, and good design is not reserved solely for those considered to be artistic geniuses. Simple design can be broken down into simple elements: line, shape, color, texture, and type. Charles Eames, awarded the most influential designer of the 20th Century, once said that design is simply planning for the arrangement of these elements in such a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose. Using the strategies that we are laying out within this graphic design series, we can help you implement the vision of your design project or entire marketing vision. With this series, we can help you accomplish your particular purpose and put together compelling art for your project, website, or blog post. Looking into steps 4-6, we address your vision, color schemes, and ultimately a great layout for design. Read on to see what we have been sharing on our Social Media posts lately!

  • Functionality – When planning, remember to keep your intention clear when setting up your design. This aspect of the planning stages of design makes sure that all the parts of your concept work together. Make sure that you know what you want and that you communicate this with an understanding of what works together and what does not. This will keep your design what we call: functional. To catch the customer’s attention, there are aspects of the form of your design that will help communicate your messages. When creating a functional piece, it is essential to remember who you are communicating your message to, as your audience is your target and therefore influences how you create your design and ultimately your audience determines the functionality of your message.
  • Follow Your Own Design Principles – Keeping color schemes, fonts, logos, and messages consistent keeps recognition of your brand forefront in the reader’s mind. Choose specific elements such as font, color, photo style, etc., that you want to use in your advertising and marketing campaign carefully, and then use these consistently.
  • Keep it Simple – Simplicity continues to rule strong design. Using too many effects and object styles make your message blur, seem insignificant. Worst case scenario, your message could come across confusing and your design could be completely aesthetically muted. This could lead to your potential customer looking elsewhere. Keep special effects such as shadows, gradients, tints, or multiple fonts to a minimum to ensure your message will be communicated effectively. Special touches such as gradients and shadows most definitely can be used within graphic design but remember to keep it simple in order to enhance the rest of your design.

Graphic design does not have to be difficult nor does it have to be an intimidating process. We will continue to dive into the process of graphic design from start to finish, with further steps over the next few months. For now, let these ideas sink in and then take a moment to gather the most important aspects of your business, charity, team, or event that you want to highlight with your design. And by keeping your design simple, consistent, and functional you will be able to easily communicate your brand to customers!

Graphic Design with Your Commercial Printer in Morristown, TN

At Acme Printing, we love to help you see your ideas for graphic design from inception to finality. If you are looking for help with your concept, we have the experience and talent to design whatever you are wishing to create! Reach out today by phone at (423) 581-8528 or online.

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