Knoxville Ice Bears Turn to Acme Printing for On-Site Branding

Knoxville Ice Bears Turn to Acme Printing for On-Site Branding

Since the Ice Bears were founded in 2002, they have called the Knoxville Civic Coliseum their home. Being a charter member for the newly formed, single A, Atlantic Coast Hockey League, the Ice Bears and their owners knew they had an opportunity to make a big impact on their community. Over the past 15 years, they have done just that. Four President’s Cups belong to Knoxville’s proud hockey team, and multiple Commissioner’s Cups have been won along the way. Stalwart fans have enthusiastically supported and cheered on the team every season, and the owners and support staff have wanted to create an atmosphere for these loyal fans that truly reflects the excitement and commitment to excellence of the Ice Bears’ culture.

– Enter ACME Printing

Our very own Karen Brauner, Territory Sales Manager for ACME Printing reached out to the Ice Bears with a proposal for their branding needs. Dave Feather, Executive Vice President of the Ice Bears, had already met our owner Paul Shands and knew of ACME’s community involvement as well. He was confident that ACME would take great care in handling their brand, and he was not disappointed.

Dave and the Ice Bears envisioned a makeover for their Knoxville home that would bring the on-site branding more in line with larger teams like the Nashville Predators at the Bridgestone Arena. They provided their concept to Karen, Paul and the ACME team, and a discovery phase was launched to identify areas of opportunity in their current branding. ACME team member Nick Barnard went over to the coliseum to measure and take photos of the areas were graphics would soon be.  Nick, along with Paul, then created a presentation of the branding vision with what materials would be used, where printed materials would go, and the application process.  Working together, they developed a plan for a more graphically-intensive branding overhaul that included easily interchangeable signs and banners throughout the coliseum.

The result of the printing and graphics project was a much more colorful and exciting arena that is now very clearly the home of the Knoxville Ice Bears. The flexibility of many of the signs and banners also allow for new sponsorship opportunities, further benefiting the team and creating a truly community-driven local brand.

“The whole arena just came to life,” said Dave. “I appreciated so much that Karen, Paul and Nick really listened to what we were looking for and was able to deliver in such a profound way. The fans just love it.”

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