Reasons to Update Your Business Cards in 2019

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Reasons to Update Your Business Cards in 2019

Successful businesses have strong marketing and branding teams that use researched based methodology to present their product and services to potential clients. When planning a new year’s marketing strategy, it takes work, creativity and research. Luckily, one of the easiest and most recognizable methods to building a brand is through your business card design.

Why Business Cards?

Potential clients arise in chance happenings and therefore having your business represented best visually is essential to any future follow-up. The small card that you hold in your hand could be the key communication with your prospective client. Being careful to execute the look and feel of your business card will say volumes about your company and you.

Refining Your Business Card

Consider that your company does have an image that it presents to the world. By choosing elements that are associated with your business, it is easy for consumers to recognize what your company produces or provides. Business cards are ideal for showcasing a package of what you do in a small, noticeable way. If you own a landscaping business, your card could be printed upon recycled paper and use earth tones to convey the outdoors. If you are a fitness gym, perhaps your cards have square edges and a rough texture to them, mimicking the feel of holding a dumbbell in your hand.

Design Your Business Card

Visual design of your business card is the first impression. Working with a graphic designer can ensure that your company mission and unique branding stand apart from your competition. With graphic design development processes, you can visually communicate your company’s trendy, humorous persona or your formal, straightforward style of working with ease. Consider each aspect of the business card: size, orientation, font, font size, texture or potentially adding UV coating which adds a nice glossy, shiny finish and makes the card more resilient. Business cards speak the brand of your company and give you the opportunity to express this identity in a bold or subtle manner.

Commercial Printer Serving Morristown and East Tennessee

At Acme Printing, we offer design and branding assistance as well as in-house ability to print customized projects specific to your company needs. Creating a consistent brand has never been easier, nor quick to produce and be proud of when presenting to your clients. Reach out today to get started on your project through our website or by calling 855-581-8528 or 423-581-8528.

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