How Can Your Business Use Guerilla Marketing?

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How Can Your Business Use Guerilla Marketing?

If your current marketing strategies aren’t quite cutting it, it may be time to start thinking outside the box. One sure way to draw attention to your small business is with guerilla marketing. Incorporating print marketing in unique ways and in unexpected places can make the public more aware of your small business. If your small business marketing budget is small but you want to make a big impact, guerilla marketing may be the way to go. What exactly is guerilla marketing, and how can it be beneficial to your business?

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing is advertising your product or service in an unexpected way. The goal is to surprise your audience and get their attention. Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages via traditional methods such as radio, television, and social media. If you want to get their attention and make your small business marketing more successful, you have to put your message someplace where they are not expecting it so that they will think twice about it and remember you. There aren’t really any rules of how or where you should use guerilla marketing—the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Some examples of guerilla marketing in the past have included stickers on manhole covers or on the lines of a crosswalk to grab pedestrians’ attention. There have been so many fun and unique guerilla marketing ideas that both big and small businesses have used to build brand awareness.

Why Add Guerilla Marketing to Your Small Business Marketing Plan?

Guerilla marketing grabs the attention of your audience and connects with them better than traditional advertising methods can. You can insert your brand message someplace where it will be a part of a potential consumer’s everyday life. The physical presence of your message can disrupt what they are used to seeing, making a greater impact and personal connection that will make them remember your message and your brand. The biggest advantage of guerilla marketing is brand awareness, and without brand awareness, your small business will go unrecognized by consumers.

Additionally, guerilla marketing is fairly inexpensive when compared to traditional advertising. The costs of television, radio, and billboard advertisements can really add up; guerilla marketing, on the other hand, can be accomplished with a small budget. Most small business marketing budgets are small, so you want to make sure you get the most out of every dollar. You can accomplish a lot by placing a unique and eye-catching poster, sticker, or flyer somewhere unexpected, and these print marketing materials are not expensive when you use a commercial printer.

How Do You Come Up with a Guerilla Marketing Idea?

Your small business is unique, so you need to find a way to make your uniqueness shine for all to see. You want to start by thinking about your small business’s personality and brand image. Try to come up with ideas that will portray these and that will help potential consumers make a personal connection with your product or service. Then think about where you can place your message so that it will really stand out and disrupt what your potential consumers are used to seeing every day. How can you use infrastructure that already exists to portray your message? There are some great examples out there: a coffee company placed a sticker on a manhole so that it looked like steam was coming up from a cup of coffee, a candy company wrapped a park bench to look like a candy bar, and a zoo wrapped a bus to make it look like a snake was crushing the bus. The possibilities really are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

Guerilla Marketing with Stickers

Stickers can be placed anywhere, which makes them a great guerilla marketing tool to add to your small business marketing plan. Once you come up with a design, a commercial printer can easily print it at whatever size you need. Even if you want to print multiple stickers to place around town, the costs will still be significantly lower than buying a billboard ad. With die-cutting, your stickers can be made into whatever shape you would like to best get your message across. You can place stickers on the ground, on walls, or even on the ceiling—wherever you think your message will grab attention and be remembered.

Guerilla Marketing with Posters

Posters can be printed with any image on them and hung on walls or in windows. Stick a poster on an elevator door where your target audience is forced to see it or in a window where those that walk by it can interact with its image in some way. Just make sure whatever you put on the poster is unique and won’t get lost in the sea of advertisements that consumers are bombarded with each day. A professional printing company can take your poster design and make it come to life with vibrant colors and finishes that will make it last. Commercial printers can print any size poster you need so that your message can make an impact wherever you place it.

Guerilla Marketing with Flyers

Many marketers think that flyers have become a thing of the past, but when used correctly, they can drastically increase brand awareness. The best way to use a flyer as a means of guerilla marketing is by making it unique. Don’t use a regular 8.5 x 11 or 5 x 7 sheet of paper. Instead, create a flyer in the shape of your product. For example, a restaurant could make a flyer in the shape of a food item and stick it on a car antenna to look like a skewer. Think outside the box with your flyer designs. A professional printing company can use die-cutting and other methods to print your design exactly how you want it to look and in the size you need.

Professional Printing Company in East Tennessee

Acme Printing is a commercial printer in East Tennessee that can meet all your printing needs. We specialize in making your print marketing come to life, including your unique guerilla marketing ideas. Whether you need custom stickers, posters, flyers, or any other type of print, we have you covered. Our professional printing services will provide you with a clean, crisp look so that you can get your intended message across to your target audience. If you are ready to see your print marketing ideas come to life, give us a call at 423-581-8528 or contact us online today.

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