Why You Should Use Print and Email Marketing Together

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Why You Should Use Print and Email Marketing Together

When you are trying to connect with new and existing customers, the most popular choice these days is to use email because it is simple to implement and easily accessible. Email marketing is very useful, but it becomes much more effective when it is used in tandem with print marketing. When you use print and email marketing together, you expand your reach and impact, which can lead to increased awareness of your brand and growth for your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should use both print and email marketing and how your business can do it.

Reason #1: Print Marketing Expands Your Reach

Print materials can be sent to a large number of individuals in your target audience. You can use direct mail to focus your print marketing on a specific audience; all you need are their addresses. Mailing print materials to your target market is a great way to make new potential customers aware of your brand as well as earn more email subscribers and make more sales. In addition to mailings, print marketing can also expand your reach because print materials can be handed out and placed in face-to-face and usage situations. You can hand someone in your store a flyer or pass them out on the street. Brochures can be handed out at trade shows and other events where receiving potential customer email addresses may be unlikely. Posters and other signage can be placed where people will notice them in person so that they can become aware of your brand during the course of their day.

Reason #2: Print Materials are Tangible

The main difference between print and email marketing is tangibility. Email marketing is digital, and print marketing is tangible, meaning it can be physically held. You can touch and feel print materials. Being able to physically hold and interact with a marketing material has been proven to increase recall of the information it contains. Your target audience is more likely to remember your message and brand when they physically handle print marketing materials versus when they only see digital and email marketing materials. Print can also add dimension and uniqueness that is otherwise unavailable in an email. Additionally, print materials can be kept and referred back to many times, and recipients are more likely to remember to look at print marketing again. Most people open multiple emails at a time, so your email marketing message is likely to get lost in the mix and will make less of an impact.

Reason #3: Print Marketing Comes with Less Distractions

When a potential or existing customer holds your print marketing materials, they are interacting with your message at that time. There is less competition for their attention when you hand them a flyer, brochure, or other print material. When your target audience opens an email, however, there are tons of distractions. Email is online, so anything else happening on your potential or current customer’s computer can distract them from your email marketing message. This includes all the other emails stacked up in their inbox as well. That’s not to say there aren’t distractions going on when your target audience is holding your print marketing material; however, the distractions are typically far fewer than those they face online ­when they open your email marketing message.

Reason 4: Using Multiple Methods Keeps Your Business Memorable

Using both print and email marketing allows you to reach out to your customers through more than one method of communication. This keeps your business fresh and memorable in the minds of your customers. If you regularly use email marketing to communicate with your customers, they will be pleasantly surprised when they see print marketing materials in their mailbox. Occasionally switching things up like this will keep your customers engaged and interested. Additionally, seeing your communication across multiple channels will show your existing customers that you care about them and the business relationship you share with one another.

How to Enhance Your Email Marketing with Print

Print should be used to extend your email marketing message. The print materials you mail out should enhance your email communication, not repeat it. Never mail a print version of something you emailed. For example, if you email your customers an invitation to an event, you can send a print component as well to supplement the information in the email. Don’t send a printed invitation after sending an email invitation, but rather send something related to it, such as printed tickets, a prepaid parking pass, etc.

While email marketing is useful for getting customers to interact with you, print marketing is great for highlighting your business. You can use print materials to highlight what your business is doing and what it can do, as well as to showcase new products or services you are offering. This can also include printed coupons for your products or services to increase customer engagement with your brand. These print materials can be sent to current, potential, and past customers. However, your focus should be on sending them to current customers. Current customers are the ones who regularly give your business their money, so you want to do what you can to keep them. They are also the ones who will give referrals and recommend your business to those they know.

Start Using Print Marketing with the Help of a Commercial Printer

You now see why it is important to use print marketing materials in addition to your email marketing. Email marketing is a great tool, but your marketing plan will be much more effective when it includes print materials as well. Print materials are tangible, memorable, and present. When you utilize professional printing services, you can use a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and finishes to add value and hold the attention of your target audience. Acme Printing is a commercial printer in East Tennessee. Our professional printing services can help you reach your marketing goals. We can print anything you need, including flyers, posters, stickers, booklets, brochures, indoor and outdoor signs, postcards, and more. We offer an array of different finishing services as well to provide you with the best print products possible, such as UV coating, die-cutting, folding, stitching, etc. Whatever you need, we can do it. If you are ready to up your marketing game with print materials, reach out to us at 423-581-8528 or online to get started today.

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